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  • How do you get scholarship or Bursary on

    Our mission is to help students afford college by making scholarship and bursary easier to obtain and more accessible ..First,you have to apply on our website .

  • What are the requirement for scholarship / entrepreneurship program ?

    In order to be eligible for the massfounder scholarship /entrepreneurship program,
    You must be a resident of any of the 36states in Nigeria
    You must be 16 years of age .
    You must be enrolled now or be enrolled within 3months of registration in a qualified college or university within Nigeria .

  • What makes Massfounder stand out from other online scholarship database ?

    You can get multiple scholarship which comes with online entrepreneurship programs and training and also help you build a marketing brand for your future.

  • Who can join Massfounder ?

    Any individual looking for scholarship /bussary opportunity towards their college or university.

  • Is mass founder legitimate?

    Yes,its legitimate and useful in building and equipping future entrepreneurs..

  • Can international students apply?

    Yes,international students can also apply .

  • What makes me eligible for scholarship ?

    Each scholarship has its own eligibility requirement such as Criteria, Age,GPA,location etc .

  • What is GRANT ?

    Money given to student who have financial need due to their household income .

  • How long after submission deadline do I know I'm chosen ?

    Winner announcement depends on the scholarship provider ,more information can be seen on our website .

  • What happens to my scholarship if I drop out of college ?

    If you drop out of college,you will not receive any money that has been awarded to you for that semester ..