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  • What do you get from doing courses on

    For employers: We all know training staff affordably is our strong point. Keeping staff committed to their place of work is another point. Asides these, Our mission is to help develop young people’s entrepreneurial mindset via our specific courses which is also for Intending managers.

    For intending entrepreneurs: We also have structure helps you set up your brand, sort out legal aspects and eventually produce your own branded products for FREE.We have already helped a growing number of people.

  • What is Nigerian mass educational entrepreneurial project (NaMEP)

    It’s part of the massfounder objectives to train MASS numbers of low level staff and people affordably and professionally. To achieve this, we know that having an entrepreneurial mindset is also fundamental in developing staff and people generally so we included the NaMEP as part of our approach.

  • What makes Massfounder stand out ?

    Our online training ends with you as a staff being more committed to your work place and achieving results for your organization . This is also akin to having an entrepreneurial mindset which will help if you want to be an entrepreneur and you can then get your own branded products. We also help you build a marketing brand for your future from the beginning.

  • Who can join Massfounder ?

    Any individual looking for training, personal development and entrepreneurship support.

  • Is massfounder relevant ?

    Yes , it is very relevant with the current realities of the world today and the need for training so its very useful in training building and equipping future entrepreneurs..

  • Can international students apply?

    Yes,international students who want to be entrepreneurs can also apply for trainings and possible grants and funding.

  • What makes me eligible for funding or scholarship ?

    Each funding programme or scholarship has its own eligibility requirement such as Criteria, Age,GPA,location etc . You have to wait first for an announcement that scholarships have opened to apply for it.

  • What is a GRANT ?

    Grants are not automatic. They are first announced, applied for, considered and are given based on specific project deliverables. Money given to course participants, young people, entrepreneurs or student who have financial need due to their household income .

  • How long after finishing my courses do I know what next?

    You will know your results almost immediately but maximum within 48hours. An email will be sent to you.

  • If I get a scholarship, What happens to my scholarship if I drop out of college ?

    If you drop out of college,you will not receive any money that has been awarded to you for that semester